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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  April 10, 2010 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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climbing up to 50 in many locations right now. the sun will be in full this afternoon. plenty of sunshine throughout the rest of the day, and it will be tough to find clouds throughout the sky. things will warm up warmer in the 70s tomorrow. we will get to that complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, justin. we are following a developing story from russia this morning. the polish president and his wife were among those that died in a plane crash just miles away from the airport. rescue teams attempted to pull passengers out of the wreckage, but there were no survivors. the polish foreign ministry confirms some of the world's most prominent leaders were onboard. derek, i would imagine already a somber scene there? >> reporter: indeed, as you can see behind me the polish flag has been lowered after the
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devastating accident which decapitated the polish government. kaczynski here was killed in western russia. the plane went down in heavy fog on the approach to the airport in russia, and it was carrying the president and his wife and the army chief of staff and the president of the national bank and the deputy foreign minister and also the head of the national security officer, along with deputy speaker of parliament. the delegation was traveling to russia to a commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the massacre in which russian security forces killed 200,000 polls. the polish constitution dictates that the government would now be run by parliament speaker.
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actually a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections. what remains to be seen is what happens to american and polish relations. poland has been a strong supporters of america in the war in afghanistan. and the deal to deploy some of their fighters. the presidential plane was recently upgraded with modern electronics and was definitely deemed to be airworthy, however, the russian vladimir putin has been appointed to a commission to investigate this crash. we are hoping to get some word
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from the obama administration later on what this will mean, and of course there will be condolences coming forth as they have been coming forth from other world leaders. the president was not scheduled to be here, however a high ranking government official was. that person obviously was not onboard this plane, so that is expected to continue as planned. back to you. >> derek i know you have been there at the emb embassy, and they lowered the flag. >> reporter: i was told some government officials were meeting with the polish ambassador now, and perhaps crafting a statement or at least what the domestic reaction or what domestic ramifications there are for the devastating accident. >> all right. thank you, derek. we are also following a
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developing story in west virginia. overnight crews found the bodies of four missing miners at the upper big branch mine. the death toll stands at 29. the mission has shifted from rescue to recovery. steve is in raleigh, west virginia, with the very latest. >> reporter: this time rescue workers could see clearly and when they got deep in the mine they counted 22 bodies, and the four missing miners were among them. they were killed, said officials, by the original explosion on monday. the first wave of rescue workers missed the first four. miner, allen cox, his face still black from today's shift. >> it's heart wrenching. they are trying to do what i am
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doing, feed their family and take care of them the best way they can. >> reporter: now the remoovl of the bodies and the full investigation. >> the only good thing that can come out of this is educate everybody and put regulations in place to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: members of the extended west virginia family hit by the worse mining disaster in the u.s. since 1970. president obama has promised a quick investigation into why federal officials cited this mine for hundreds of safety violations but did not close it. >> both the house and senate plan to hold hearings examining possible causes of the explosion. new today, a firefighter ended up in the hospital after a large blaze at a home in montgomery county. it happened in rockville around
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12:30 this morning. firefighters found heavy flames coming from the roof and second floor. neighbors alerted residents. one firefighter suffered minor injuries when he tried to escape. the damage is estimated to be more than $1 million. neighbors had to alert each other when a fire broke out in a seven-story apartment building last night. it started in the 3100 block of good hope avenue. it started on the fourth floor and spread. a resident told news4 there was a fire in that same building two weeks ago and some of the buildi building's alarms were not working right last night. neighbors went door to door alerting people to get out of the building. >> this guy was on our side, and i said is there a fire?
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and he said, oh, yes, yes, he said, get out! get out! and, i got out! >> fire officials are investigating the cause. no injuries were reported. happening today in fedex field, the national medical response team will hold a mass casualty drill. more than 150 first responders will participate. volunteers from medical schools and local emt programs will serve as mock victims, and each victim will be rescued and directed through a decontamination shower. they will present their findings to local and national teams. the time is 9:07, and somebody in virginia is a quarter of a million dollars richer and i wish they were related to me. the winning lottery numbers for a prize that may go unclaimed.
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and then a man convicted for taking pictures with his camera phone. and then the tie up about to bring you major headaches. plus, why you won't nee
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gilbert arenas is now behind bars at the montgomery detention center? rockville. he arrived last night around
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7:30. the nba suspended star will stay there until transferred to a halfway house. >> reporter: basketball star gilbert arenas entered the detention center at 7:40 p.m. montgomery county's contract with the federal bureau of prisons allowed him to stay there. >> any prisoner like this is processed and checked in and checked out, and checked their mental health and status and see how they are doing and they remain here in custody for the better part of two days, and then they are transported routinely without cuffs or anything else to the work release facility. >> after the two days at the detention center arenas will be taken to a community-based
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halfway house. he will be assigned to a 10 by 10 room and be required to abide by a curfews, and do laundry and other chores. >> they test for alcohol and drugs, and the normal things you would do frankly in a tightly controlled community correctional program. >> he received two years of probation and a $5,000 fine and 400 hours of community service which cannot be performed at basketball clinics. jackie bensen, news4 today. president obama's nuclear summit is not until monday but already affecting how you get around the district. parking restrictions are placed near the convention center. and starting tonight, parking will be restricted. news4's jerry edwards has more
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on what you need to know to get around. >> reporter: driving in downtown washington could be a nightmare any day of the week, but over the next few days it could be down right impossible because of the nuclear security summit. the bottom line? stay away from the convention center. >> we are asking people to be aware of their surroundings and be patient, but there will be motor kads moving periodically. >> there may be a sudden road closure in front of you and you don't know why, but chances are they are moving people in and around town. and some of the notification we don't get advance notice of. we have to tell visitors and local commuters coming in to be aware of that and be prepared. >> k, l, n and m streets will be undriveable, as well as parts of
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pennsylvania avenue. and the mt. vernon square convention center metro stop will be closed and will not be open until wednesday morning. you could always go to the website, for the latest on closures and restrictions. jerry edwards, news 4. drivers won't need to worry about carry spare change when they park at some d.c. meters. they are testing a new pay-by-phone system. and drivers have to first register your phone, your license plate and your credit card, and then when you are ready to park, you call in with the location and tell the system how long you want to park there, and the system will send a driver a text message when the meter expires and they get the option to add more time. 9:14 on this saturday morning. we will get a check on the
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forecast when we come back. >> it's looking great today, with temperatures in the 60s. it warms up more for tomorrow, and then another cold front approaches the area sunday night to monday. i will let you know what to expect with that front in the complete forecast.
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fairfax county police used facebook to bring parents together for a community meeting on child predators.
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it was held last night at the fair oaks church. they specialize in crimes against children and they talked about how child predators use new media like facebook to find victims. >> their eyes are in the computers and online, and those facebook pages are constantly changing and being updated and we got a lot of calls on the phone based on those announcements. >> the department plans to hold more community meetings on that subject. it's a crime that can happen to anybody at anytime. somebody taking a cell phone picture of you without your consent or knowledge. now for the first time, the police say they charged somebody for this offense. we tell you why police expect to run into this crime more often. >> this manassas man faces up to five years in prison because of a picture he took on his cell phone camera. the charge unlawfully photographing the unconsenting
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person. it took place when a 14-year-old girl was waiting in the store for her mother, and the 14-year-old girl was resting on the passenger side and the seat was reclined and her eyes were closed and her feet on the dashboard, but then she heard a sound that drew her attention. she noticed a man taking her photo, and she got his license plate. the police tracked down the man and found the man had the photos on his phone and they were not of the teen's face. >> her underwear was exposed to him, and he saved the photographs and sent them to friends of his. >> this is the law they used to charge him. it was originally put on the books who handle people that take photos in private places like rest rooms.
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>> it specifically applies to the photographing or videotaping of a person's intimate body parts, or the undergarments covering the body parts without that person's express permission. >> the law processor says with the pref luns of cell phone cameras, prosecutors could increasingly see cases like this one. >> and if they suddenly find their compromising pictures on the website, i think we are going to see more prosecutions in this area. >> the mother of a 1-year-old says this kind of case is worrisom. >> processor o'neal points out while today's technology eroded
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our zone of privacy, laws like this can help one keep public moments out of bounds. the cherry blossom festival -- the cherry blossoms have left us, and so will the festival soon, too. this morning the cherry blossom parade kicks off at 10:00, and runs along constitution avenue. and the entire cherry blossom festival wraps up tomorrow. so if you are going to go today grab the jacket and get out there and enjoy it. and justin drabick tells us about the weather. >> yeah, it's a cool morning, and the strong april sun will boost the high temperatures back up into the 60s. we are getting up to near average for this time of year which is in the middle 60s. a live shot outside, and not a bad day to head out towards the waters. and, again, just spectacular
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weather going on. and our current air temperature has risen now up to 50, and the national airport we have a westerly breeze. it's gusting over 15 miles per hour at times, and so still a bit of a breeze adding a bit of a chill into the air but not as windy as yesterday. the comfort level will increase today. that's good news. record low temperature for today was 28 degrees set back in 1977, and there were 30s around out towards the blue ridge. there may have been patchy frost going on, but i think the wind was strong enough to inhibit frost development. and now around 50 degrees and still a few upper 40s towards st. mary's county. and now the wind gust gusting a bit over 24 miles per hour. and to the north in hagerstown, 22-mile-per-hour gusts. we have clear skies so we will
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not worry about any rainfall coming tomorrow. lots of cold air locked in place across the ohio valley and northeast. the northeast chill continues, but the good news is the core of the coldest air is getting on out to the northeast. how about up in northern new england? there has been snow flying across new york, and wnew hampshire, vermont because of the area of low pressure. now the trough is beginning to lift on out, so high pressure regains control over us meaning clear skies and plenty of sunshine, and then tomorrow the high drifts a little bit offshore and we develop a southwest wind and that warms us up more. there was the front i was mentioning early, and it should come through dry.
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no moisture with it so we should just see clouds with it. temperatures, warmer, 72 degrees. monday, 68. as the front passes we cool down to the low 60s on tuesday. still, just a couple degrees below average, and then by the middle to end of the next week, we climb to the upper 60s to around 70 degrees by friday. temperatures up and down just a bit, and overall near average and looking at temperatures just as well. >> thank you, justin. people are standing in line to see the shroud, which is believed to have the image of jesus christ. it's on display in italy. to this day, believers and skeptics can't agree on whether the shroud was the burial clout of jesus or just a fake. >> it has been ten years since it went on display here, and the
9:25 am
vatican says it issued 1.3 million tickets. there is a mystery to some, and certainly a miracle to the faithful. a lot of study look into the shroud. at one point in the '80s, they did tests on the cloth, and it was said to be made after christ. and they actually asked for that to be done again to try and specifically date it. what really baffled scientists is the 3-d image of the figure in the cloth doesn't touch the cloth, and that perplexes many scientists and they did take particles off the shroud, and to place it in the holian land. the vatican is reportedly willing to subject the cloth to further scientific study.
9:26 am
but as it goes on display, there are many people saying the truth is still a matter of faith. keith miller, nbc news. tiger woods looks for redemption. how a victory on the golf course could help him overcome his scandals. plus, which state could be the next to start a cell phone crackdown. it's tax time. we turn to the irs to find tips for those of you who waited a little can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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good morning, everyone. welcome back to "news4 today." i am care care aaron gilchrist, kimberly suiters is off today. justin is here with the forecast. >> if you like the heat and humidity, we had the 90s a few days ago and now we are dealing with seasonal temperatures. the highs will be back in the mid-60s, where we should be this time of year. we had a chilly start in the 30s and 40s, and now we are up to around 50. still hanging out in the 40s across hagerstown and marti martinsburg in west virginia. the sun will be in full today. and then tomorrow it will be a better day as we top off into
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the 70s. we will see if it can extend in the forecast and we'll have the details coming up in a bit. >> looking forward to it. thank you, justin. today is round three and day three of tiger woods' comeback, and he is trying to reclaim golfing's crown. >> reporter: when tiger woods walked off 18 on friday it was one more step on his comeback, and easily making the cut he starts today 6 under and within shot of the lead. >> it feels good, real good. it feels good to be back in contention. >> reporter: even in the shots he missed, things seem to fall in place. >> i think that's part of the strength. he is able to concentrate despite the controversy surrounding him. >> reporter: with every hole, support seems to grow.
9:31 am
off the course, he caught a break as well. the faa found no airspace violations but grounded the plane to fix minor mechanical issues, and once that is done there is nothing to stop flights from resuming. >> people are amazed of his abimt to come back after the five-month layoff, but i think he has what it takes to win. >> we will have to see as tiger tees off this afternoon, with two days to go until somebody gets a green jacket. woods is a four-time master champ, and his last win at the masters was in 2005. and two people are dead in two separate shootings. one person dead and another injured in prince georges county at a nightclub. it happened in camp springs around 2:00 this morning. police have not released the identities of the victims.
9:32 am
and then meanwhile, in the 600 block, a man was said to be shot multiple times. a metro access driver was fired after prosecutors charged him with assaulting a passenger. he is accused of assaulting a female passenger with special needs. this happened in january. castillo was suspended several weeks without pay until he was fired on thursday. he passed the background checks before being hired. >> anytime we receive a report or allegation of this magnitude, we act quickly. and in this case, we are very happy we made the arrest, and we have made the appropriate charges and he will have his day in court. >> we don't have control over every single thing that happens on the vehicle, but when we get
9:33 am
reports of something of this nature, we act immediately. a ban on using cell phones while drive something closer to becoming law in maryland. the bill overwhelmingly passed the house yesterday and now goes to the governor's desk for approval. first-time offenders face a $40 fine, but you can only be pulled over for another offense. we have more on how the cell phone bill could impact maryland drivers. >> reporter: it's something many people in maryland do, and even driving prince georges county vehicles. >> we know the pain of losing somebody on the highway. we lost our daughter, heather, needlessly. this pain is forever. >> their daughter was 26 when her car was hit in florida, by a driver of a tractor trailer while on the cell phone.
9:34 am
the family testified in front of the general assembly to ban the practice. after the bill passed the senate, today the cell phone use ban passed the house as well. as soon as the car is in motion, you have to use a hands free device or put the phone down. >> what do you tell your daughter? >> don't use the phone when she is driving at all, at no time. >> and for parents wur worried about that, there is a new phone application that solves the problem. a program shuts the phone off so the driver cannot receive or make phone calls leaving their attention directly on the road. a leader in driving safety house delegate says three of ten crashes involve people talking or texting on their cell phone while driving.
9:35 am
that's 1.6 cell phone crashes a year. and the first offense will be a $40 fine, and then jumps to $100 for repeat offenders, and some believe the penalty should be har harsher. >> maybe suspending their license for a week so you can understand, you know, eventually somebody is going to get hurt. >> the cell phone bill is now headed to the governor's desk and he is expected to sign it into law. and also in maryland the senate advanced a bill that would legalize medical marijuana. it would recategorize marijuana as a highly regulated medication like morphine. the maryland house is studying a similar bill but won't take up that measure for a few months. 9:35 now on this saturday morning, and the tax man comes
9:36 am
to help you out. tips for those of you that waited until the last minute. and then many could head out to the farmer's market, and how to get the most out of your visit. >> how did a
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9:38 am
have you filed your taxes
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yet? if not, time is running out. the april 15th deadline is thursday. but we have help for all of you procrastinators out there. that date, you always try to get people to commit it to memory because it's important. >> we encourage people to not wait until the last minute. if you are rushing you could make mistakes that delay the processing of your return. and you could overlook tax breaks, so it's the perfect weekends to tackle the taxes. >> you mention tax breaks. there are a lot of things floating around out there. we think about the home buyers tax credit for one, right? >> yeah, the new home buyers credit, and also a long-term homeowners credit. and the new home buyer's credit was $6,500, and there was the earned income tax credits, and the american opportunity
9:40 am
credits, and credits if you made energy modifications to your home. lots of tax breaks. >> you do yourself a favor to get in there and start to look for those things and not wait until wednesday night to try and do the form. >> if you want to get information, the irs website is the best place to go. if you earn less than $57,000 a year, you could do your federal return online for free. and we have a free file form which allows everybody to do their federal return online. >> and you really encourage people to do this electronically. >> yeah, you get confirmation that we received your return, and you will see your refund even this late as early as ten days. >> and donations, a lot of folks donated to the haiti relief a
9:41 am
couple months ago. >> yeah, up until february 28th, you can claim those donations on your returns. and for the folks that don't have access -- i mention computers, but if you don't have a computer, you can call the irs offices. >> what do you suggest for people that may have gotten to this point in the year and here are on the weekend before tax day, and for whatever cannot get their taxes done by this coming thursday. do they have options? >> you have a irs form, 4868. click on the free file link and file the extension online. it's the fastest way. if you need to download the form, you can get it online as well. they will give you until october 15th to file. it does not give you more time to pay, so if you owe make your
9:42 am
best guess and send in money. >> one last thing i want to ask you about, we hear about scams and the internet opened up the world of the possibility for people to take advantage of other people. >> this is the time of year when the bad people come out of the woodwork. and people are sending out messages that claim to be from the irs. they say they owe money, and if you click on a link, can you solve the issue. if you get an e-mail that claims ton from the irs, and you were not looking for it it probably is not from the irs, and don't click on the link. they are looking for the types of things that we won't ask you for. you can help us shut these folks down by forwarding these
9:43 am
messages to the irs, and send it to phising@irs. >> it's midnight on thursday postmark, right? >> yeah, or transmitting, sent to the irs by midnight on thursday. >> for more help on filing your taxes, contact the irs via phone. just call othe 1-800 number. and temperatures will warm up more for your sunday. and we will talk about another cold front possibly bringing changes next week. all
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welcome back, every body. the oldest justice is retiring from the bench. to read what the other eight justices is saying is to really understand they are losing a close and valued member of the bench. >> reporter: john paul stevens
9:47 am
will leave the supreme court after nearly 31 years. he said he will step down at the end of the current term in late june, and that would allow time to have his successor in place by october when the new term begins. >> he has applied the constitution with fidelity and restraint. he leaves his possession at the top of his game. >> he arrived in 1975 as a moderate conservativconservativ. he insisted it's the court that shifted it, and not him. >> i don't think that i change. i still consider myself quite conservative. >> he was in favor of abortion rights, but dissented in flag
9:48 am
burning. >> both through his persuasion and relationship, he is able to pull somebody like justice kennedy to the left. >> it also happens that he is the current court's only pro protestant. he is not leaving now because he has to. >> it's extraordinary he is able to work at this level and at the absolute top, through all the way up to age 90 is just remarkable. >> that was pete williams reporting. the man that became the court's leading liberal was nominated by gerald ford and confirmed 98-0 by the senate. and an area fifth grader is one step closer to $25,000 because he knows which peninsula the nation of math doana is on.
9:49 am
he knew the answer was the balkin peninsula. he got the answer right yesterday and now he goes on to the national competition. today you can watch the region's best spellers face-off against each other. we are bringing you the washington spelling bee. maybe before that you might want to get outside and enjoy the weather a bit. it's a beautiful day to get out and do walking or running, whatever works for you, right? >> yeah, you g g it. tough to beat this forecast. chilly this morning, but this is april, still. we can't have 30s and 40s for the temperatures, and that's what we had this morning. now with the sun in full, we are starting to climb up back into the 50s. a live shot outside, and hard to find any clouds in the sky, just bright sunshine. if you are going to be outside for a while today you will need sun block as well, and 50 right now at national airport.
9:50 am
the breeze is up a little bit, 16 miles per hour with higher gusts. not as windy as yesterday. and very dry mass in play right now. the dry air really heats up quick. 28 degrees was the record low temperature for this date set back in 1977, so no record low temperatures were broken today, but certainly we did get to the cool side. some areas out in the far west out in the mountains were in the low 30s where there is a freeze warning. and now everybody well into the 50s. 52 in frederick, and 50 at national airport, and 49 in dulles. winds, again, still gusty at times, and there is wind gusts now at 20 miles per hour across the area. 21 in dulles. again, breeze may add a brief chill. doppler radar all nice and dry there with high pressure in control. we talked about the cool temperatures around and the core
9:51 am
of the coldest air still coming across the ohio valley into the northeast, and there are snow showers breaking out across northern new england with the cold air in place, and an area of low pressure continues to spin. we did have a few clouds early this morning and now they are moving off to the northeast. so the reason for all of the cool air that we had over the past 24 hours -- first we had a cold front come through and that changed up the air mass, and also the jet stream took a dive down to the south and there was a pocket of cold air and that is retreating back up to the northeast, and so bye-bye to the cold weather and the high pressure system is allowing the sun to heat things up at the surface. there is warm air coming from the south again. and then sunday night and monday, we see a weak front trying to come across the area and should come through dry,
9:52 am
just a few clouds. and for today, gorgeous conditions. comfortable with sunshine. 61-66 for the high temperatures, and even better for your sunday as we make it up into the low 70s. winds even lighter there. so certainly sunday will be the best day out of the two. can't complain about today's weather. monday, 68, and then tuesday, that's when the cooler air mass gets back into the area. the temperatures get knocked back to the midweek. we continue with dry conditions. >> you think you will see the april showers randomly, but i will take it with the dry conditions. >> i am sure many people will. in sports, the caps are red hot and the wizards pull out magic. the sports begins with the capitals who are on fire. last night alex ovechkin.
9:53 am
backstrom scoring his 100 point of the season, and they had to split the puck. the capitals beat the thrashers 5- 2. an dre black scored 31 points and grabbed 11 rebounds as the wizards led by 28 points against the celtics. washington beat boston for the frs time this season. 106-96 was the final. and then the nationals trying to build-up the win over the phillies. they were forcing the mets and got off to the good start and then the nationals had an early lead, but then the song remains the same for the national's pitching, they gave up four home runs to the mets and the nationals fall 8-2.
9:54 am
that's your sports minute on saturday morning. have a terrific morning. a glimpse into the nation's history, and it unfolded right here in our area. the head stone was recently discovered at a home in montgomery county maryland. and pat collins went to see how it got there. >> this is where it happened. the spring brook sention of montgomery county. >> why it's hard to find a safer place, a cul-de-sac with a middle school here and a catholic church over there. >> any strange goings on in this neighborhoods? >> no. >> this is victoria, and on her property line.
9:55 am
now, victoria has lived in the house for three years, and she did not know the head stone was here until yesterday, when her neighbor was moving the trash cans and told victoria all about it. >> well, at first i was a little freaked out. but then i kind of -- i felt kind of bad, because here is a war veteran, and i thought he was buried next to some trash cans, and i thought that was not a very good way to pay respect for somebody that has served in the military. >> he was buried in 1965 at the beverly national cemetery in beverly, new jersey. when daniel's wife, elizabeth
9:56 am
died in 1975, she was buried with him. his old head stone removed and a new one with her name added put in his place. how the old head stone made it down to maryland, nobody seems to know. >> fortunately, the way that head stone was disposed of back in the 1970s, it would certainly be inconsistent with the current policies today. >> mr. white says the va will retrieve the old head stone, and dispose of it in a proper way. i am pat collins. news4, montgomery county. >> who ever moved the head stone had to have help, because the grave marker weighs more than 200 pounds. poland's president and first lady and a host of leaders killed in an overnight plane crash. and four missing miners now
9:57 am
have been confirmed dead.
9:58 am
9:59 am
good morning, every one. welcome to "news4 today." i am aaron gilchrist, and
10:00 am
kimberly has the day off. and justin drabick is in for chuck in storm center 4. justin, every weekend you have been able to come up with good forecast for the weekends? >> yeah, last weekends we were dealing with temperatures well above average, and we are cooling down but where we should be for early april. if you are just waking up and maybe you slept in, you missed the 30s and 40s early, and now we are back in the low 50s over many locations. and still a couple locations struck in the 40s, but with the full sunshine today temperatures will quickly climb up through the 50s by noontime into the low to mid-60s by the afternoon. tomorrow, even better. more sunshine. temperatures warm up even more. i will let you know if that continues to warm up next week. >> thank you. we are following a developing story from russia this morning. the polish president and his wife are among those that died
10:01 am
in a plane crash miles away from the airport. rescue teams attempted to pull passengers out of the wreckage but there were no survivors. the polish ministry confirms many of the country's most prominent leaders were also on the plane. and derek ward joins us from the embassy, and derek, already signs this is a country that is mourning? >> reporter: indeed there are, and there was a bouquet of flowers ended up here, and first a devastating event in russia this morning. and after a short flight that was supposed to only last an hour, it now ended leaving the polish government in a apparent state of flux. and the polish president, lech kaczynski was among the 96 people killed in a plane crash.
10:02 am
the plane that went down in heavy fog on approach to the airport in russia was carrying the president, the first lady, and the army chief of staff, and the president of the national bank and the deputy foreign minister, and the head of the national security office, and the deputy parliament speaker. the delegation was traveling to russia to commemorate the anniversary of a massacre where 22,000 polish security forces or officers were killed on the orders of joseph stallins. a the acknowledge of the massacre was just starting to come from the russians. now obviously a very solemn ceremony, but the question that we have gotten from somebody that has an inside track on what is going on in poland, which is
10:03 am
how could this happen? >> it's just unbelievable that he had all those people on one plane. the president, his wife and all of the government officials. so it is just unbelievable tragedy. i have to tell you people in poland don't know what they should do. they are saying at the moment, you know, that the presidential pause, and they light the candles and everything. they are crying and praying. >> as the polish constitution is written, the head of parliament would now take over as president. now, the he seems to have an advantage over the now late president and he was running for that office.
10:04 am
today they are all mourning. >> derek ward. thank you. we are also following a developing story out of west virginia this morning. despite the hopes and prayers of so many, a tragic end. the bodies of four missing miners found deep inside a coal mine. the discovery was announced overnight ending days of searching. a massive blast left the inside of the big branch mine a mess of twisted tracks and bolders and debris. the governor made the announcement at about 1:00 this morning. >> none of the chambers had been deployed. none of our miners discovered. -- suffered. so this journey -- this journey has ended. and now the healing will start. the violent explosion killed 29
10:05 am
people making this the worse mining disaster in a decade. on the day of the blast the mine was cited with two safety violations. president obama ordered a quick investigation into why so many died and why federal officials cited the mind for hundreds of safety violations but did not shut it down. >> the government and their employs know that they owe it to these families to do everything possible to insure their safety. >> the house and senate plan to hold hearings examining the reasons for the explosion. and arenas arrived late last night, after 7:30 last night, after two days of the detention center he will be taken to a halfway house, and he will be
10:06 am
required to perform chores. he will also be punished with two years of probation and a $5,000 fine and 400 hours of community service. the time is 10:06, and the future of the final frontier. what nasa has on its high-tech agenda. plus, the big dog on campus. what a happens when the world's tallest dog goes to school. justin's forecast this is whole soy. you might know that it has protein, but whole soy's also naturally packed... with fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients. and you can get whole soy, mixed together with real fruit, in soyjoy. and look for delicious new blueberry soyjoy.
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this area has a lot of farmer's markets that bring the farm to your table. if you are not a regular at your farmer's market, you need to be. today going green goes to dupont circle to get the most out of your market. >> it's sunday and at the dupont farmer's market, local farmers and dairies are reminding us of the grounds beyond our beltway. where does one begin? fortunately, this market is also abundant with advice. >> come ready to look at what is in season. >> anne yonkers, her rule of thumb, start by scoping the place out. >> walk around the whole market
10:10 am
before you make a decision what to buy, because there are multiple people selling the same thing, and that's important to see what you want. >> take a bite. everybody wants you to sample their stuff. don't be shy. taste it. and bring your own bags. >> everybody comes with a big bag on their shoulder, usually with multiple bags in it. >> the washington area have dozens of farmer's markets, and you get to buy local which is better for the environment, and you support your local farmer, which is better for the environment and helps us to keep the farmland. >> this is what you can call local mixed greens. >> jonathan has two restaurants at dupont circle and comes to the market each week looking for menu items. >> i can market them and say local lamb sausage i bought at the market. >> while many vendors will take credit cards, experts say bring
10:11 am
cash. >> cash, small bills, and change. i would recommend going to the markets that are a little bit quieter. and so then if you are new to a market, it's nice to go somewhere where it's not crazy. >> come with an open mind. you don't need to know what you are looking for. >> go and look and buy whatever jumps out at it. >> there are either chefs around promoting cookbooks or giving demonstrations. remember, the seasons will guide you. as the weather warms, more markets will be opening. bring your bags and cash and curiosity, and go with the flow. >> please don't get nervous. this is supposed to make you happy. >> if that sounds like something that interests you, today
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
the american space shuttle program is winding down. what could the billions buy, the influx of money. >> what could shuttle workers do in the future? local politicians want to be the spacecraft back into play, and the shuttle's replacement cancelled in the president's baunlg utah. it could be launched on existing
10:15 am
rocket. and then another idea is a cargo version of the shuttle. no astronauts, just payload, processed and launched by the local skills. and it's possible for the shuttle to fly two missions a year with astronauts until 2014. the plan has strong advocates. at the space station, a prototype inner plan terry, the kind of work that could excite the world. it's all likely to be discussed at president obama's space summit here next week. the president's proposal to drop both the shuttle and its replacement leaving the u.s. with no human space launch capability could change dramatically. >> there are compromises made
10:16 am
sometimes and approvals are given, and we are back at the beginning of the budget process. >> let's come back to earth now, and justin drabick is in storm center 4. >> the sky is looking good. not much going on. that's always a good thing for the weekend. look for plenty of sunshine. temperatures starting off cool, though it should be right in the avenrage near the normal temperatures. and then a beautiful shot outside this morning and clear conditions that will continue throughout the day. temperatures climbing up through the 50s, and officially right now we have 52 at national airport. the north west breeze coming in at 20 miles per hour has been gusting at times but not as breezy as yesterday. a chilly start, we did see 30s but no record temperatures were broken as the record low was 28 degrees. and then 48 in haguers down,
10:17 am
and 49 right now in winchester. imagine the breezes gusting at times, especially in the morning hours. and then afternoon, they should subside a bit. doppler radar scanning the skies, and no problems today with high pressure in control. it's what is providing all the sunshine. we did have the changes come through this morning as the low pressure area is starting to move off to the northeast, but still there is a cool pocket of air lingering over the northeast, and that pocket is moving off to the north as well, so retreating back northward, so we will see a return to a seasonal level as far as the temperature goes. and then pennsylvania up towards upstate new york, vermont and new hampshire seeing a little snow as the disturbance continues in the jet stream. so the jet stream took further south, and that's what brought all the cool air, and that's
10:18 am
what is lifting back northward. high pressure at the service will dominate the weather, so plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. and sunday night and monday, a weak front, we'll try to slide through the area. should come through dry, but just expect clouds with it. and then saturday, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. even a better day. low to mid-70s. certainly that will be the best day of the weekend. still, no complaints today. just a great couple days to be outdoors. and monday, a few more clouds especially in the morning, and then behind another shot of cooler air starts to move in. our highs do fall back down to the low to mid-60s for the midweek, and the sunshine should be out in full. thursday and friday we warm back up to above average conditions, upper 60s to around 70 degrees. if you bought a megamillions ticket last fall, take a second
10:19 am
look. nobody has come forward to complaint a quarter of a million-dollar prize. the numbers are 17-31-34-55 and 51. and now the
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10:22 am
welcome back. the mets out power the nats last night, and on the ice the capitals are steam rolling through their competition. lindsay czarniak has your sports. >> good morning, everybody. we begin with the capitals who are playing like they are fighting for their playoff lives. last night they were awarded the president's trophy before the game with the thrashers, and before it was over ovechkin scored his 50th goal, and then nicholas backstrom had his first 100-point season. and they won their fifth game in a row. ovechkin accepted the president's trophy, but would not look at it and said it was bad luck. and he gets his paws on a puck. and then backstrom is there to stuff it home. his 32nd goal of the year. and then they trail by one.
10:23 am
and thrashers turn it over, and the caps tie it at two. and then third period, still tied at two. and nick backstrom leading it. and then he beats atlanta for his 50th goal of the season. and then he talked about backstrom after the game. >> i am sitting there and saying nick got his 100th, and alex got his 50th, who is picking up the puck? i think it was his third game in a row with three points. he is a good player. >> the capitals close out their season at home on sunday. forget tiger woods took five months off and went through his owninferno. he was well within striking
10:24 am
distance at 6 under par. at augusta, two strokes back of the lead starting the day. and yesterday he took advantage of a par 5, rolling in a lot put for birdie. the only knock on his day was a bogey on number 4. and lands on the green, and rolls back within five feet for fiphil mickelson. and then this guy, he rolls it and shoots a 3 under 67, and he is tied for the lead with a fellow brit at minus 8. and then gilbert arenas reported to the detention center. his teammates were doing the unthinkable meanwhile, playing the celtics on the road and winning.
10:25 am
and last night the wizards won by 10. and flip saunders wondered how his team would fair against the celtics. and getting nice passing going. and then they take out pierce and gives it to livingston. fourth quarter, wizards maintain a 24-point cueson. and then goes in for the reverse layup. he had 31 points, and 11 rebounds. later in the fourth, the wizards on a fast break, and young pulls up from three-point land and misses, but mcgee has the rebound and puts it back with authority. the first time they beat boston all season long. the national's spark was short lived. last night they faced the mets, the worse home run team last season, and last night they had their first four-home run
10:26 am
perform yuns in their stadium. and it was chilly and windy in the big apple. and then two on for shortstop. and then a diving jason bay. and pudge rodriguez and dunn would come around to score. and then the nationals -- there you go, would take a 2-0 lead. but then here is the problem, the pitching staff could not hold it together. served up a two-run home run, his second of the game. and then the mets play again this afternoon at 1:00. that's going to do it for your sports on this saturday morning. i am lindsay czarniak. have a great weekend. we want to introduce to you george. he is a big dog. a giant dog. i am not saying that. the guinness book of world records certified him as the
10:27 am
biggest dog in the whirl. a little girl name mackenzie, you see her there, loves george, and talks about him all the time and invited him to her school. george actually showed up and mackenzie was so delighted. the kids in the class will likely remember this show and tell for a very long time, and maybe even saddle up at some point and take a ride -- although he is not a horse, and big like one, maybe a pony at least. thank you for joining us. we hope you have a great saturday. join us again tomorrow morning at 6:00.
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